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THIS DUDE MIGHT HAVE ONE OF THE QUICKEST CAREERS IN RAP HISTORY.. WITH ALL OF HIS SUCCESS ON THE BILLBOARD CHARTS AND SELLING OUT SHOWS AND DEMANDING A HUGE TICKET. BUT ALL OF THAT MIGHT GO TO WASTE BECAUSE OF ALL OF HIS TROLLING , THIS DUDE KEEPS KNOCKING ON THE DEVILS DOOR AND SOONER THAN LATER THE DEVIL GONNA ANSWER. ACCORDING TO TMZ….We’re told NYPD has 2 suspects based on surveillance video, and know they stalked Keef the night of the shooting — first showing up at China Chalet restaurant where Keef was hanging downtown … then jumping into a dark-colored Ford Econovan.After driving to midtown, we’re told the suspects parked the van around the block from the W and walked to the hotel to wait for Keef. When the rapper walked outside with a friend to smoke a cig, the suspects pounced. Keef and his friend heard shots and saw a muzzle flash. As we reported … the shooters missed, hitting only a nearby sign. We’re told the suspects fled in the van. Cops eventually found it in Brooklyn.