What’s crazy is that Tekashi’s plan to get out has a lot to do with the people he snitched on since he and his former manger “Shotti” plead guilty to racketeering his lawyers believe that everyone will take the plea ( since Tekashi told everything) they hope that there is so much evidence that there […]

The rapper Tekashi69 will be behind bars until September 2019, and then he will go to trail for his racketeering case. Tekashi and his team has a plan to get him out of jail, according to them its going to take a lot of money, and conniving the judge that he will behave. Lance Lazarro […]

A couple of days ago Tekashi’s team was told that there was an confidential informant working with the feds and the rumor has it that that informant is none other than Tekashi’s #1 *ick ryder Dj Akademiks but in a recent interview with TMZ he says it completely false… Via TMZ ….”He says he “has […]

Tekashi is still trolling from jail, well not really, his album dropped last night and one the the title tracks “Mama” f/ Nicki and Kanye was supposed to have a line in the song giving a shout out to Fashion Nova……but that didn’t happen. Instead 69 either changed the line or never did the shout […]

LoL Charlamange is one of my favorite people in the world but I have to say when he get to talkin like this i really gotta hit him with the side eye…..Like what did you just say?? In a recent interview or podcast Charlamange says that he would suck Tekashi69’s eggplant if he beats his […]

Well the other shoe finally dropped and Tekashi69 is in jail, he was brought in over the weekend and booked for racketeering (RICO) a charge that usually comes with a life sentence. During his 1st hearing on Monday the FBI let him and his lawyer know that they had wire taps and members of his […]

Hopefully Tekashi had as much fun as he could during his rise to stardom over the last year because it looks like it might be a wrap for him for a min or two. Dj Akademiks was the 1st to report what was going on with Tekashi69 and according to TMZ 69 was arrested ATF […]

Cops fear that there is an war brewing once again between the East and West coast and they believe that 69 is at the center. When TMZ broke the story Tekashi was set to meet with record producer Elliot Grainge for a dinner meeting in NYC, but things got heated after Tekashi’s entourage was denied entry … and […]

Tekashi is always trolling and always letting haters know if they run up anything can happen………not so fast in recent history Tekashi has not lived up to what he talks about. First he takes the guys that kidnapped him to his house where his girl and kid were,a gangster would never do that, Second when […]

Even the King Of Troll won’t pick a side when it come to the Nicki Vs Cardi beef, Tekashi is seen one day rocking out to Cardi’s music and the next  jumping into the transport with Nicki. He better pick soon because i’m sure with those two he can’t straddle the line for long.  

According to TMZ somebody was trying to once again test 50 cents and Tekashi69’s gangster while shooting a video in Brooklyn on Tuesday,reportedly a white Porsche fired at least 11 shots during filming and it appears the shooter used a 9 mm semi-automatic weapon. No one was hit and Tekashi and 50 were on the […]

It crazy how quick people flip back to what they know best even after a tragedy, when XXX was murdered a lot of the new wave rappers put out a lot of positive messages and many of them vowed to stop trolling 69 was one of the rappers who said he was just on positive […]