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Tekashi is always trolling and always letting haters know if they run up anything can happen………not so fast in recent history Tekashi has not lived up to what he talks about. First he takes the guys that kidnapped him to his house where his girl and kid were,a gangster would never do that, Second when he was arrested and in jail he cried in front of the judge to get out, and now after his house is raided by those alphabet boys and they find a gun. Tekashi is now saying that not only is that not his gun but he doesn’t even own a gun. Now I don’t condone it but now-a-days with people playing the “Lacking Game” and with all of these entertainers getting robbed and as much trolling that Tekashi does one would think that one thing he definitely has is a gun. But according to TMZ Tekashi’s defense attorney, Lance Lazzaro, says a gun charge would be a very difficult case to prove because the rapper doesn’t even own a piece.