COVID-19 has truly put a damper on fun these last several weeks. Restaurants, bars and everything slightly resembling fun have all been forced to shut their doors, leaving many people desperate to get out the house. Private parties and house parties have been on the rise over the last few weeks in different cities across […]


In a climate where human and sex trafficking statistics are at an alarming rate, it’s no time to play around about your safety. Well, apparently 16-year-old Karol Sanchez did not quite get that memo! On Monday, news broke that Sanchez had been in the Bronx, simply walking down the street arm in arm with her […]


Cuba Gooding Jr will be turning himself into NYPD today in light of him being involved in a groping case. Its is alleged that he groped a woman at a bar in a New York at Magic Hour rooftop bar and lounge.  He will be turning himself in before going to court. He stated that […]

The New York Police Department has officially launched an operations group that will specifically monitor crime at Hip Hop and Rap concerts. The NYPD’s new squadron is an operations group, called the “Rap Unit.” They will be tasked to work on-the-ground through the department’s Enterprise Operations Unit. The team will create a list of weekly […]


Although the King of Instrgam Trolling has always ended his rants with “Get the strap”, I think he may have to carry this saying in real life. The Power Starz actor and producer, posted on his Instagram the news article on the alleged NYPD commander that called for all cops to shoot on spot. 50 […]

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Tekashi is always trolling and always letting haters know if they run up anything can happen………not so fast in recent history Tekashi has not lived up to what he talks about. First he takes the guys that kidnapped him to his house where his girl and kid were,a gangster would never do that, Second when […]

Emails also reveal that undercover cops regularly filmed Black Lives Matter activists and posed as protesters during rallies.


Police authorities allow the cop who fatally shot unarmed Black teen to resign after a disciplinary commission found him guilty.


Barry Brown filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for an alleged racially biased psychological screening.


Leaked documents reveal Daniel Pantaleo incurred multiple disciplinary complaints prior to Garner's death.

Steven Sampson, a 41-year-old NYC EMT worker, faces criminal charges after authorities reveal he fabricated a robbery on Christmas morning.


New York City will reportedly give 1 percent pay increases to police officers who have to wear the cameras.