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Karol Sanchez

Source: Via Crimestoppers / Handout

In a climate where human and sex trafficking statistics are at an alarming rate, it’s no time to play around about your safety. Well, apparently 16-year-old Karol Sanchez did not quite get that memo!

On Monday, news broke that Sanchez had been in the Bronx, simply walking down the street arm in arm with her mother when 4 men pulled up in a 4 door sedan and abducted the girl with her mother struggling to hold on to her. Her mother attempted to fight off the mystery men but was unsuccessful and was forced to watch them speed off with her daughter in tow.

NYPD responded quickly, releasing the video of the incident and a statewide amber alert was issued 10 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Just hours after the amber alert and video were released, we recieved word that Sanchez had been found safe and sound from New York Police.

Allegedly, the kidnappers had dropped Sanchez off in a park not far from where the kidnapping occurred. She was taken into custody by police and reunited with her family who have all been in emotional shock since the entire nightmare began.

Just hours after the emotional reunion with her family, CBS News reports that the entire thing was fake; Sanchez set up her “kidnapping” with 4 accomplices. She confessed to it after reuniting with family and being questioned by police.

Apparently, Sanchez has been experiencing some issues at home, including a “strict” mom and has been very unhappy. But once her bright idea got bigger than she expected and became national news, plans changed.

No charges have been filed at this time, but police are looking for the four male accomplices, trying to decide exactly who will charged and what charges will follow.

Source: CBS New York