I know when you first read the heading you probably thought somebody doesn’t know how to spell valentine’s day, but your wrong because 10 years ago galentine’s day was created by a fictional character on T.V.  Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation. What is galentine’s day you ask it’s a day where ladies kick it […]

In a climate where human and sex trafficking statistics are at an alarming rate, it’s no time to play around about your safety. Well, apparently 16-year-old Karol Sanchez did not quite get that memo! On Monday, news broke that Sanchez had been in the Bronx, simply walking down the street arm in arm with her […]

Instagram has discredited a widely circulated post falsely claiming the social platform has changed its privacy policy. The post was shared by several celebrities, they encouraged users to re-share it to stop Instagram from using your content, including deleted messages. A spokesperson from Facebook (which owns Instagram) said that the post is completely false. The […]

Kylie Jenner has built an entire “career” off of her looks but not without the scrutiny and rumors that she has had multiple enhancements or plastic surgery. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! The first rumor was her lips and Kylie eventually admitted that she had filler added to her lips becasue she was insecure about […]

#bigbinkshow  – Man it’s pervert’s out here in the world.  This fool is going around the world messing with kids and impersonating Justin Beiber.  Then the impersonator is a teacher!!!  Crazy right?  Now do he look anything like Beiber to you?  He look like he 54 years old….smh

#bigbinkshow – Well at first Remy Ma shed light on a lot of Nicki Minaj’s flaws, then she came at Nicki again with a “average effort” diss record,  but Nicki didn’t respond (and still hasn’t by the way), but now her famous X Safaree,  is taking some time to get some feelings off his chest […]

#bigbinkshow – we were there when the Obamas met the trumps on inauguration day!!!  Listen to what actually was said!!!

#bigbinkshow – Before he was a WARRIOR, he was a regular kid who loved to play basketball!  Since its Throwback thursday, here is a perfect time to check out Steph Curry when he was dreaming to be the player he is today!  

#bigbinkshow J. Cole’s “critically acclaimed” album is definetly one of the biggest to come out this year.  Every record off the album has charted.   This album has no features, Cole produced the entire body of work and radio stations have flocked to what could be the best album in hip hop this year.  Here […]

#bigbinkshow – Ross was seen out talking about Kanye West and his recent issues that put him in the hospital.  Ross thinks it seems like this was a stunt to sell more records.  According to the Hospital and news reports, we do know that Kanye was actually in the Hospital….Check out what Ross had to […]

#bigbinkshow.. I can think of a couple of people who could of been person of the year for 2016 like – President Barack Obama,   Ellen Degenerres, Simone Biles, Dallas Police Chief David Brown, Mark Zuckerburg, Beyonce, The list can go on and on,  but this is who Time Magazine picked?? Do you agree with […]

Kim Kardashian has had enough! For those reporting that her robbery incident was a joke will be eating their words as she plans to sue!