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ODOT share some good and bad news on the overall deaths on the road.

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According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, 2018 saw a decrease in deadly car crashes in the state. A nine percent drop compared to the last four years.

ODOT continues to do research to see how the numbers dropped from previous years.

“There’s no question that the choices we make behind the wheel determine whether or not we have fewer deaths or more deaths,” she said. “So whether or not you wear a seatbelt in the car, in the front seat as well as the back seat, whether or not you choose to put your phone down, to not text, to not stream video, to not facetime, those are critical decisions that we make that make ourselves safer and the people around us safe.”

So that was the good news, now the bad news involves pedestrian deaths. In 2018 the state saw a rise in deaths in a five-year span. One factor that may have contributed to this statistic is the fact that more people are walking, biking or now using scooters to get around the city.

“Whether you’re a pedestrian stepping off that curb, whether you’re looking at your phone or not, is a safety decision that is critical. Same with the motorist,” May said. “If you’re looking at your phone, you’re fiddling with your radio, you’re not looking for a pedestrian that is at a crosswalk or walking along the side of the road on the sidewalk.”

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