When will rappers, athletes, and entertainers learn that in the world today someone is always watching and you might not even know and you might even feel that you got away from something and then a video comes out showing that person doing exactly what they said they didn’t do. This is the problem that […]

The 614

  The City of Columbus is looking to ease downtown traffic congestion and improve safety with a 12-month pilot program that began Monday. The city is partnering with curbFlow, a mobility company that will allow delivery and rideshare drivers to reserve and pay for parking, using the curbFlow app. City leaders selected nine locations, primarily […]

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Interstate 270 north is back open on the east side between I-70 and Hamilton Rd after an accident early this morning left one dead. Authorities have charged Cody Dee Weathers with aggravated vehicular homicide after the semi-truck that he was driving struck a bridge overpass and then fell onto a car behind it Police identified […]

The 614

The Ohio Department of Transportation but two of their “Smart Lane” signs up across major highways in Central ohio this week. Drivers may notice the 600-square-foot, 110,000-pound digital signs as they travel on  I-670 and I-270. The Columbus Dispatch reports when average speed on I-670 dips below 50 mph, a traffic monitor will decide whether […]

The 614

Attention Attention All Criminals HERE IS A PSA….If your engaged in any transport of any illegal drugs and you decide to not check your car out before you engage in your illegal activity or you decide to drive crazy as hell while your doing said illegal activity then you deserve everything you get. Just like […]

The 614

Thank me later. Central Ohio is buzzing as Tiger Woods and the PGA are in town for the Memorial Tournament. Or you may be one of those people who are gonna get road rage due to the traffic from the event. Take a deep breath and check out some detours you can take that will […]

The 614

ODOT share some good and bad news on the overall deaths on the road. According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, 2018 saw a decrease in deadly car crashes in the state. A nine percent drop compared to the last four years. ODOT continues to do research to see how the numbers dropped from previous […]

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#bigbinkshow This just shows you that Hip Hop has a global impression on the world!  Check out how this Newscaster Incorporated “Phife” from ATCQ lyrics into his broadcast.

  This morning a Tanker carrying Ethanol caught fire and Had 70 Shut down in both directions.  Check out the latest information on that HERE.   @binkandmisty



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The Ohio Department of Transportation has officially announced their construction plans for the I-270/US-23 corridor in North Columbus. Serving as the 4th largest congested area in Ohio, the goal of the plan is to make traffic flow smoother between ramps. O-DOT plans to start the project next summer and it is set to take about 30 […]

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