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The Ohio Department of Transportation but two of their “Smart Lane” signs up across major highways in Central ohio this week.

Drivers may notice the 600-square-foot, 110,000-pound digital signs as they travel on  I-670 and I-270.

The Columbus Dispatch reports when average speed on I-670 dips below 50 mph, a traffic monitor will decide whether to open the lane. That typically will happen during the afternoon rush, but the lane also could be used when a crash bogs down traffic. Disabled vehicles and traffic enforcement still can pull over to the right shoulder.

Digital screens will alert drivers when the SmartLane is open or closed. A red X will be used to tell them the SmartLane is closed or a green arrow to show that it’s open. If the lane is about to close, the digital sign will display a yellow indicator.

The Smart Lanes, which are expected to open in October, will also display the reduced speed limit when the lane is open.

According to ODOT, radar detectors that will also register vehicle speeds are expected to be added to the signs as well as more than 30 traffic cameras to monitor the SmartLane for obstructions such as trash and debris or disabled vehicles.