The 614

  The all new I-670 SmartLane opened for the first time in Columbus today! The Ohio Department Of Transportation officials are hoping it will provide some much needed relief for commuters. The I-670 SmartLane opened just in time for the afternoon commute. As most of us know, traffic is so hectic on the outerbelts during […]

The Ohio Department of Transportation but two of their “Smart Lane” signs up across major highways in Central ohio this week. Drivers may notice the 600-square-foot, 110,000-pound digital signs as they travel on  I-670 and I-270. The Columbus Dispatch reports when average speed on I-670 dips below 50 mph, a traffic monitor will decide whether […]


The Ohio Department of Transportation and their partnership with The Ohio Chapter of the American Pediatrics have developed the “Put A Lid On It!” campaign. In the state of Ohio, bicycles are considered vehicles that carry the same rights to roadways as a moving car. In an effort to ensure the safety of children and […]

The 614

Officials say drivers are driving to fast during inclement weather and construction zones. Ohio’s Department of Transportation is seeking approval to apply changes to the speeding limit anytime in the state. For example. ODOT wants to be able to lower the speeding limit during a winter storm or in construction zones. Once the storm or […]

The 614

ODOT share some good and bad news on the overall deaths on the road. According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, 2018 saw a decrease in deadly car crashes in the state. A nine percent drop compared to the last four years. ODOT continues to do research to see how the numbers dropped from previous […]