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Last month, Ohio officially kicked off the sale of medicinal marijuana in the state. Dispensaries across the state opened their doors for business and thus far, it has been booming!

Ohio officials report nearly 70 pounds of medical marijuana has been sold since retail dispensaires opened January 16th, 2019. Mark Hamlin of the Commerce Department says the approximate total revenue is slightly over half a million dollars!

Up to this point, a total of 56 dispensaries have been granted licenses for operation. However, only about 5 have opened their doors as of yet. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy reports roughly 15,000+ people have successfully received the mandatory physician recommendations needed to buy medicinal marijuana.

Currently, only buds of the healing herb are available for purchase. Dispenaries are looking forward to future months to have alternate cannabis products available as well. This could be as early as March 2019. These products may include processed oils, edibles and more.

Smoking marijuana is still considered illegal in the state of Ohio. Approved medicinal patients may, however, consume the plant by baking it into their own edibles, brewing it into a tea, or other means. Vaping is also legal.

Medicinal marijuana assists in relieving a number of conditions and illnesses, such as, PTSD, Depression, Chronic Pain, HIV and Cancer.

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Source: NBC4i, The Blade