On Tuesday, July 14th, southern rapper Boosie Badazz had a run in with law enforcement in Georgia that didn’t go over too well. TMZ posted body cam footage giving us a look into a traffic stop involving the infamous rapper and Fairburn Police Department. Boosie was the passenger at the time of the stop. […]

Rap and business mogul, Jay-Z, has launched a new investment fund with the intentions to help expand the ever growing number of minority marijuana entrepreneurs.  The cannabis industry has been booming over the last several years and the opportunities for minorities are endless. But as the story often goes, minorities don’t always have the funds […]

The Midwest is slowly becoming more and more progressive these days! Two Midwestern states are about to initiate legal marijuana sales to adults! Both states have already had access to medicinal marijuana in place for some time now but the state is now making things even more accessible to the public. With the high demand […]


Roadside breathalyzer tests are typically used to help the fight against drunk drivers. Now, breathalyzer tests that can detect if drivers have smoked marijuana will be available by next year. Earlier this year, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety published the results of a survey which indicated that nearly 15 million Americans had gotten behind […]

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The committee warns of symptoms that may affect those from suffering these disorders. The State Medical Board of Ohio committee decided to not recommend marijuana use for people suffering from anxiety and autism. The decision will not add those disorders on the list of others that will allow people to use medical marijuana. The decision […]

  The marijuana industry is a legit billion-dollar business. Despite the constant debate, stigmas, and misconceptions about marijuana use and the true benefits of the plant, it has managed to thrive in our society. With legalization happening nationwide, cannabis is not only a hot topic but a healing property but a booming business. Everyone, from […]


Zach Klein, the Columbus City Attorney has released that he will no longer prosecute misdemeanor marijuana possession cases. The announcement comes after the passage of Senate Bill 57, which was recently signed into law by Governor Mike DeWine. The new law would require drug testing that distinguishes hemp from marijuana. Without this drug testing capability, the […]

Bloom Medicinals is making the final preparations to its store on Georgesville Road before opening its doors the first week of August. It will be the second dispensary to open in Columbus. Terrasana Cannabis Company opened in March. Bloom Medicinals will sell medical marijuana products such as cannabis flowers, edibles, topicals, balms, patches, according to regional manager […]


Today, our Columbus City Council passed marijuana possession penalty reforms! City Council issued a press release stating it was aiming to reduce inequities relating to medical and recreational marijuana in the criminal justice system. Ordinances 2032-2019 and 2033-2019 passed unanimously, reducing penalties for marijuana and paraphernalia possession with city limits. “This legislative package aims to […]

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Usually when you get in trouble one of the first calls you make is to one of your parents if their living and usually it’s the one parent that you know will go easy on you when you do mess up or make a mistake. But what do you do when you get in trouble […]

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Currently there are 21 conditions which qualify as conditions for purchasing medical marijuana. As of last month two more conditions have been added to the list those two are anxiety and autism spectrum disorder. In the past many questioned why anxiety had be left off the list and even started a petition to get the […]

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Young Jeezy said it best, “Don’t get caught!” Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized 33 pounds of marijuana worth $165,000 on April 29th. The discovery happened during a routine traffic stop after the driver made a lane violation on I-70. A unit with a patrol drug-sniffing dog alerted the trooper. A probable search was conducted […]