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On Tuesday, July 14th, southern rapper Boosie Badazz had a run in with law enforcement in Georgia that didn’t go over too well.

TMZ posted body cam footage giving us a look into a traffic stop involving the infamous rapper and Fairburn Police Department. Boosie was the passenger at the time of the stop. Boosie and his driver got pulled over due to their window tints being too dark and having a concealed license plate. Officers removed both of the men from the vehicle and handcuffed them while conducting a search of the vehicle.

The video shows Boosie immediatley outraged about the traffic stop and he openly expresses his frustrations.

“I can’t keep going through this, bro. I can’t, bro. I don’t do no wrong,” Boosie says to an officer on the scene.

“I got to go to y’all superiors and file charges. This is harassment. Every day, I can’t even live. I moved to the country to fucking live, bro,” Boosie continued.

Law enforcemnet allegedly found 11 grams of marijuana during the search.

Boosie later goes on to say while still handcuffed, “Fuck ’em. I don’t give a fuck about no jail. I’m like that. I’ll go in there and fight the police and spit on them bitches, every-fucking-body. ’Cause I’m tired, bro.”

Boosie In Handcuffs

Source: TMZ / TMZ

Boosie’s driver, De’shun Lawrence ended up taking the charge for the weed and got cited for marijuana possession. Both Lawrence and Boosie were released after the whole ordeal.

Boosie is no stranger to interactions with law enforcement. Three years ago in 2019, he had a run in for driving erratically and in that scenario authorites discovered 11 grams of suspected marijuana, a loaded 9mm handgun, a large sum of cash and a vape pen with what is believed to have THC oil in it. Later that year, Boosie was charged with 2 felonies including possession of a controlled substance. And last fall, he was arrested and charged with second-degree criminal damage to property, inciting a riot, disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing after a fight that ensued during the Legendz of the Streetz Tour.

No wonder Boosie was so upset for being pulled over yet again.

Source: TMZ