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Ohio proposes teens to learn how to talk to the police nice.

Mass Shooting At Mandalay Bay In Las Vegas

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Base on statistics we all gonna get pulled over at least once in our lives. It doesn’t hurt to teach young people how to properly interact with the police during a traffic stop.

For those reading this story here is what police say you should do when you are being flicked by the police.

State Senator Sandra Williams doesn’t believe the state is doing enough to educate young people how to interact with the police. That’s why she proposed Bill 16 this week that would “require the State Board of Education to adopt a model curriculum on traffic stops and other police interactions that would be taught in grades 9-12.”

High school students will learn about their constitutional rights, and the right to videotape law enforcement.

If you ask me many parents already have “the talk” with their children especially in the African American community. However, it doesn’t hurt to teach young people their rights.

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