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Yea, you definitely read that right!

Let’s be honest, the 90’s urban fashion wave is one you either miss dearly or dreadfully rather not re-live! Either way, I’ve always noticed that what once was popular tends to find a way to revive itself somehow. This is proving to be no different for the hip hop streetwear brand, FUBU.

FUBU, which means For Us, By Us was built with hip hop culture on its back. Founder Daymond John, a Queens native started the label in 1992 and put his friends, J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin and Carlton Brown on as partners.

When we came up with the name, we were thinking about how we spend so much money-making other brands rich, but it wasn’t only meant for black people,” said Perrin. “We were trying to say that we are of the culture and for it.”

With the fashion community being in the midst of so much controversy, it looks like FUBU just may have a lane to make an impactful comeback. The brand reached the height of fame in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. They have now teamed up with Century 21 stores to really get the collection to consumers! People of all backgrounds may be able to find refuge in a brand that stands behind its roots and all who can relate to its core message.

Founder, Daymond John says FUBU’s biggest mistake was over-saturating the market. However, while FUBU has been relatively nonexistent in the United States, it has managed to sustain itself with a series of international licenses in countries like South Africa, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, and Korea, where John said FUBU is positioned as a skate brand.

The Century 21 collection entitled, Can’t Resist A Classic, is a play on retro FUBU styles. The line will include hoodies and sweatshirts with the famous FUBU logo. This is also the start of a bigger vision that is to include Fubu hotels, licensing deals for suits, underwear, eyewear, a women’s line, Fubu Radio, and Fubu TV. They also operate three Fubu Mobile cell phone stores in Brooklyn.

The choice to collaborate with Century 21 was an obvious decision, especially since it’s an NYC based brand and all the partners of FUBU are New York natives themselves. It is also a wise choice for an opportunity to reintroduce the nostalgic brand to younger consumers. The brand is targeting 18-34 year-olds, which will inspire new customers, connect with more international consumers, who heavily respect the hip hop culture, and spark a vibe for those that already remember original wave.

The official launch was March 1, 2019 and you can now grab yourself some fresh pieces from the all new FUBU capsule collection at Century 21 stores in NYC!


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