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The TV people knew exactly what they were doing when they waited for the NFL offseason to launch the best hour in TV history.

Game of Thrones which airs every Sunday night at 9pm

This is the final season and in Ep.2 We catch up with most of the armies of the 7 kingdoms preparing for war with the Night King and The White Walkers. We also find out Jamie Lannister  aka The King Killer his fate as he arrives at Winterfell alone with no army. He is put in front of the Queen Daenerys Targaryen who charges him with the death of her father and Jamie also has to answer to the Lady of Winterfell Sansa Stark and right when you think he’s done Brienne of Tarth steps forward to let Sansa know that she would not be alive if Jamie Lannister hadn’t let her free and armed her to protect her a promise he gave to her (Sansa) mother. Whew and that was just the first five mins. We also find out that Bran Stark aka The Three Eye Eagle has basically been a tracking device for The Night King and is leading the army of death to Winterfell’s door step, and Bran is no longer madd or angry at Jamie Lannister who pushed him from a tower in season 1 . It’s night before the battle and everyone believe’s that there is a great chance that they can all die and people start doing what they do when they think all hope is gone. They apologize to those they’ve wronged oooooorrrr the get some lol kinda like Arya Stark did when she took it from Gendry who is the one of the former kings bastard son who is now in charge of making all of the weapons that will be used in the upcoming war with the Night King. Game of Thrones fans where all shocked to see little Arya become a full grown woman before all of our eyes. And to close out Ep.2  King of The North John Snow FINALLY lets Dany know that he know his real name and who his real parents are and  his real name is Aegon Targaryen which makes him the last male heir of the Targaryen and Rightful Ruler and True King of the 7 Kingdoms…..duh…..I mean he could ride a dragon lol and right when he lets her know The Night King shows up with his army of Millions……….. Until next week GOT II