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The only thing good about this, is the fact that David Ortiz is still alive and doing good in a hospital in the Dominican Republic a place that doesn’t need anymore

bad press after the news of people dying at their resorts. And then this happens to a Icon in the Dominican Republic, while in the MLB Ortiz always gave back to

his home country a place where he grew up until the age of 17 before he left for the U.S. drafted by the Seattle Mariners . Everyone in and outside of the D.R. had

nothing but LOVE for Big Papi unless you grew up a Yankees fan..other than that everyone is still baffled at why two men would walk in to a bar and shoot Ortiz

point blank range in the back . Ortiz’s told ESPN in a statement ” David suffered damage to multiple internal organs. And that doctors had to remove parts of the i

ntestines and the colon and remove the gallbladder. His liver was damaged, too.”Before Big Papi went under the knife he was conscious and told to doctor

preforming his surgery “Please don’t let me die I’m a good guy” . Currently David is in stable condition, as for the to men that shoot Ortiz, they tried to take of on

a motorcycle but they crashed and as they tried to escape the people of the town caught up with them and gave them a beating before the police arrived to take

them to jail. Full Story HERE

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