Houston hip hop legend in the making, Travis Scott, clearly has numerous bags secured. The rapper just dropped millions on a super dope new house in the hills. According to TMZ, Travis paid $23.5 million in cash for his new ridiculously luxurious mansion out in Brentwood, California. The compound boasts 16,700 feet with 7 bedrooms […]

The 614

This morning a lot of people in Franklin county woke up and couldn’t believe their eyes as they saw some of their cars submerged underwater and others walked downstairs in their houses to high water in their basements. Last night’s rain didn’t seem like it was anything out of the ordinary and it didn’t even […]


This fight was called and embarrassment and a sign of immaturity by both coaches, the fight started when a Kansas player blocked a Kansas St. players shot and then stood over him and flexed. That’s when everything went left the Kansas St. players flew off the bench and the fight spilled over into the stands, […]


Chief executives of some of the nation’s biggest companies have teamed up to take a united stance on a major issue in the country, gun control. The CEO’s of Uber, Twitter, Gap, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Reddit, and 140 other major companies signed a letter to the US Senate Thursday, calling for drastic and urgent action […]

This is huge and according to the school officials this is one of the most generous gifts in the history of Howard University , The golf program had been disbanded for decades and now with the help of the 3x Champion and 2x league MVp . Curry says that this process started when he met […]

The only thing good about this, is the fact that David Ortiz is still alive and doing good in a hospital in the Dominican Republic a place that doesn’t need anymore bad press after the news of people dying at their resorts. And then this happens to a Icon in the Dominican Republic, while in […]


ENOUGH……I just had to say that, something just are supposed to be done. One of those things is the grabbing of a teammates crotch, now i know that people are going to say, what’s the difference between that and when players male and female smack each other on the butt……….A HUGE DIFFERENCE!! I know we’re […]

Join Power’s Text Club And Get The Latest Music, Exclusive Contests and Entertainment News On Your Phone. Text POWER to 71007 to join!   Floyd Mayweather just walked up in Gucci and spent a grip and when asked by a TMZ reporter about the recent boycott Floyd responded with “I’m my own person and nobody […]


This is the time in the season when you can really tell who put in the work in the summer and whose body can take the demands of the season. So to hear that Notre Dame’s QB Ian Book will miss a game with  playoff implications due to an rib injury. It’s understandable Ian has […]

Everybody can’t do like Chance the Rapper and donate $1Mil but when rappers give back it’s often overlooked because of all the drama the usually surrounds them. But with all of his recent run ins with the law, it’s finally real good to hear something positive about Kodak Black he just donated over $10k to […]

  #bigbinkshow – Shots out to T.I.P. doing what Daddys do.  This is the video that went viral of him spending time with the lil man and a basketball.  Shawty look like he might have some handles when he grow up…. its a shame the family Hustle won’t be coming on no more…

Baseball legend Reggie Jackson went nuclear Friday night when some autograph hungry fans tried to double dip. You see Jackson confront a guy who he claims got back in line after already scoring an autograph outside a Cooperstown, NY restaurant. Jackson calls the guy a “c**k su**er” among other things. In another video we’ve seen, […]