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Over the weekend while stopping at a gas station Lil Xan was approached by a fan who question him about his comments he made about the late great rapper

2pac. That’s when things got heated after the fan didn’t like Xan’s answer and called him a “#itch” which made Xan back up and pull out a gun….it’s not clear if

the fan was getting close to Xan but for what ever reason , maybe it was to look tough Xan decided to pull out his pistol and point it at the fan during the

argument and as he got in his G Wagon he pointed his gun again the whole time letting the fan know how much money he has and how broke the fan is, here’s

were being gangster sometimes can go left. Because to be honest watching the video Lil Xan had no reason to pull out his gun, for one he should’ve had some

type of security with him anywhere he moves just because of what’s been happening with rappers around the country right now , for some reason trolls have

started to run up on rappers while going live on social media trying to either talk #hit about the rapper or talk enough  stuff to get the rapper to react this has

been the trend. Now I can’t say if Lil Xan felt threatened by the fan but even if you do just because everything is on social media you have to find some way to

show some restraint , right now the authorities are investigating the situation but if Lil Xan if found guilty he could face up to 4 years in prison. Full Story Here

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#WearOrange614 Rally
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