A 6-year-old student was discovered to be carrying a loaded semi-automatic gun in his backpack early Wednesday morning. The student attends a private school in north Columbus, according to Columbus police. The gun was discovered at Kids Care School, once another student came forward after the student told them about the gun. They notified […]


Gun control in our schools has become more imperative than ever before. Not only has the threat of mass shootings increased awareness but its seemingly also heightened curiosity among local students. The 2019-2020 school year has so far been quite busy in central Ohio. Five Columbus City Schools have reported students with firearms on school […]

Over the weekend while stopping at a gas station Lil Xan was approached by a fan who question him about his comments he made about the late great rapper 2pac. That’s when things got heated after the fan didn’t like Xan’s answer and called him a “#itch” which made Xan back up and pull out […]

The 614

You know exactly how old someone is or where they grew up if they use hot grease as a weapon of choice. When I heard this story I knew two things 1. Whoever committed this crime was over 50 and 2. They were most definitely from the hood . It just makes you think, what […]

Katt Williams is under criminal investigation for committing a deadly form of whip lash … so claims a man who says the comedian used his Rolls-Royce in an attempt to mow him down. Katt was tooling around near LAX Tuesday … when a guy named Glen Jackson pulled alongside and tried to snap a cell phone […]