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You know exactly how old someone is or where they grew up if they use hot grease as a weapon of choice. When I heard this story I knew two things 1. Whoever committed this crime was over 50 and 2. They were most definitely from the hood . It just makes you think, what would make someone so mad that they would heat up grease and throw it on another person?? Don’t get me wrong it happens in the hood all the time it’s just that it doesn’t make the paper, I personally know about 10 people that have gotten hot grease thrown their way only 2 were hit but the person who threw the grease felt they had ever reason to do what they did with no recourse at all. Just like  61-year-old Charlene Thompson who according fox news Columbus” poured hot grease on the victim during an argument Sunday at her home on Hawaiian Terrace. According to court documents, the victim had severe burns on her back and arms, which were visible to officers. Thompson is charged with felonious assault. She is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday morning.”