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By Taylor Wilkinson

After rising to fame in the past few years the ACE Family, an A-list YouTube family have taken their fame and riches to the next level. On June 29th, 2019, the ACE Family, which consist of Austin, Catherine, Elle and Alaii, assembled their other celebrity friends together to put on their annual basketball charity event once again.

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After selling out their first charity event last year, the ACE Family decided to expand the event at the Staples Center, which sold out 20,000 seats. In addition to selling out the Staples Center, they also gave their fans an opportunity to watch the event online. This year’s charity event was against Chris Brown and his fellow teammates of athletes and other A-list Youtubers. The money received from the charity event is going to a charity called, Thepaintedturtle.org. According to Allen McBroom, an ACE Family employee, and father of Austin, “this organization is a non-profit organization for kids with chronic illnesses and life-threatening medical conditions.”

Not only is the ACE Family giving back to their community, but they are also setting an example for our society and the ways we can improve as a whole. Thank you, ACE Family!



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