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Things got a bit hectic at an Ohio McDonald’s last month between an unhappy parent and the restaurant manager. The disagreement resulted in the manager hurling a blender in the face of the customer who sparked a conflict about her order.

The newly released surveillance video shows the manager throwing the blender at Brittany Price, who stopped at the drive-thru to order Happy Meals for her kids. unfortunately, there were some issues with her order and she decided to go inside to reconcile. Price walked into the restaurant and waited for McDonald’s employees to help her, but after more than 20 minutes of waiting she grew frustrated.

“I wasn’t the only one that got frustrated, you know, watching the video we see a lot of people who see me and her talking, trying to resolve the issue and they’re like, I’m not dealing with this, you know, they just left, they didn’t even place their order,” Price said.

However, the mother’s frustration turned into an all out food fight. Price waited for nearly a half-hour for her order to be corrected and started throwing the bags of food at the manager after she couldn’t stand it any longer.

The manager wasn’t about to have bags of food tossed at her without responding—she threw a blender at the frustrated mother, striking her squarely in the face. The incident left Price with a broken nose and a shattered cheekbone, for which she says she’s had surgery and various doctor’s appointments.

Price is in the process of filing a civil lawsuit against McDonald’s, though no criminal charges have been filed.

Price doesn’t feel like the incident would have gone down differently even if she hadn’t thrown the food. “I mean, I definitely don’t feel like there would have been a different result. I feel like even if we would have just went verbal back and forth that it still would’ve escalated to something else,” she told WLWT.

Nashawnda Johnson, the now-former manager of the McDonald’s, says the incident is Price’s fault. “She’s the one who started this. It would’ve never went down like that if she would have never threw stuff at me,” she said. Johnson worked at that location for 10 years before she was fired over the altercation.

Source: Complex