Indy rapper T Ward, real name Troy Ward said this in a rhyme “I creep up to the door silently and slow/I opened up that bitch and now we clashing poles/Two shots to the body two shots to the dome/Finesse the fucking stash and then I took it home,” now this bar is decent not great but ok. But the only problem with this line is that it describes perfectly a triple homicide T Ward is allegedly connected to Indianapolis cops say that it was a drug deal gone wrong and Ward put it all in a rhyme. Troy Ward’s lawyer says rap songs shouldn’t be used as evidence, as it should be viewed as art. “There are a lot of songs that have similar content,” he said. “Are all of these artists talking about events that they were witnesses or part of, or are they creating art based on society?” For Full Story Click Here

Can’t Take The Weight: Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide In Jail, Was Not Under Suicide Watch #JefferyEpstein
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