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Its April Fools, and landlords are not fooling about their RENT amid the COVID-19 Crisis. I have to commend the state of Ohio for working fats in closing schools and non essential businesses to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

But why is Ohio late with putting a stop to rental collections knowing that people have been laid off work by the masses. State like New York, Michigan, California have gave renters a 90 day temporary moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures to help protect renters.

So OHIO where is the protection for the renters, and homeowners with mortgages in the state?

Lets hope Governor Mike DeWine gets his eyes on this article! So if you are able to do so PAY YOUR RENT.

There is a STIMULUS CHECK on the way for Americans, after President Trump passed a $2 trillions stimulus care package, we should be seeing deposits in the coming weeks.

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