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I think Boom should take Goodz advise.

On Saturday (April 18) Ahdi Boom posted a freestyle trying once again to convince the battle rap culture that he is not a snitch.

The battler not only addressed the allegations but also shouted out Goodz, Show Off, and Floss Da Boss for staying 100 despite the drama.


Goodz addressed Ahdi name dropping him in the freestyle with 15 Minutes of Fame. He tells Uncle Rah that Boom ran it by him by sending him a voice note.


Boom reached out to Goodz to ask for some advice about the freestyle he released about the snitching drama. The voice note said Boom was going to use Goodz name in the freestyle. To Boom’s credit, he did ask and told Goodz if he didn’t want his name in it he would take it out.

Goodz hit him back late saying “I don’t think you should put nobody name in,” and added, “you gotta take care of the situation and show proof that you didn’t snitch.” Resulting in Boom to go ahead and used his name anyways.

Looking at the comments on the video I posted you can see 99 percent (only one person thinks he didn’t snitch so far) believe Ahdi snitched and the freestyle or any of his friends can convince the culture otherwise.

Goodz and Ahdi have been cool ever since battling on Rare Breed Entertainment five years ago. Along with explaining why his name was dropped in the freestyle, Goodz says he thinks Ahdi should keep quiet until he can show proof he did not snitch.

Do you think Ahdi Boom should take Goodz advise and lay low until he shows us proof? Let us know below!