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The battle rapper is still fighting to prove he is not a snitch but where is the proof?

That was my takeaway when I finished watching Ahdi Boom‘s latest interview with 15 Minutes of Fame (15MOF).

Since dropping the freestyle, many in the culture still are not buying that he didn’t snitch on his co-defendant. Many are still running with the paperwork Bigg K provided in his battle with Boom. Showing that the co-defendant’s statement said Boom snitched on him for the robbery they both were involved in.


Now Boom is trying one more time to prove that he did not snitch. He spoke with Unkle Rah explaining that he lost his paperwork and that in New Jersey his discovery package is sealed. Boom said this is why you can not find it on the internet, unlike the paperwork Bigg K found.

Boom also eludes to battle rappers, bloggers and even league owners are trying to reach out to the co-defendant to stir up more drama against him.


Are you still believing that Ahdi Boom snitched after his latest interview? Let us know below!

Source: 15MOF