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A local man is in desperate need for a kidney transplant and is reaching out to the community for help.

Brandon Talley, 41, is a father of 3, as well as, a beloved teacher and mentor. He was diagnosed with kidney failure brought on by diabetes about 5 years ago. Talley says his health is declining and sooner or later, he may be knocking on death’s door.

“Eventually, I’ll have to be hospitalized and the doctors will have to take it from there,” Talley said. ”My development with the disease, just carrying it so long, it wore and tore the kidney in my body. Death is for certain. You can’t function without any kidney.”

Mr. Talley is a teacher at Siebert Elementary School in the Columbus City School District and mentors children at a local recreation center.​ It is safe to say he is truly passionate about his job and the lives he has affected.

“It makes me feel like my life has value,” Talley said. “Everything that I’ve done was worth it.”

Talley has been able to survive through the years thanks to dialysis treatments. They’ve been necessary since his kidneys work at about 9%. He has reached out to friends and family and either people will not come forward or they are not compatible.

He continues to keep a positive outlook on his situation and in the end, even if he is not able to get the kidney transplant, Talley hopes that the message and importance of being an organ donor is spread.

“Even if someone can’t help me out personally, look into being an organ donor,” he said. “You can help someone.”

Source: NBC4i