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Haskins - Washington Football Team

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The young quarterback Dwyane Haskins has had the worst week of his life, at least that what he says after being released form the Washington Football Team on Monday. This comes as no surprise s the quarterback has not had the best seasons with the team, professional but just unfortunate.

Haskins wants to learn from is mistakes hoping to earn a spot on another NFL team. He told USA Today, “I have no doubt I can overcome this, that I can grow, that I can be a better person, better athlete, better quarterback, better leader because of this.”

Some support from his colleagues……

He can be picked up as early as Tuesday afternoon by another NFL team. Im sure he will be somewhere soon seeing the he is an Ohio State Buckeye, and come on this guy is only 23 he will most definitely bounce back.

We wish you all the best Dwayne!!

Courtesy of ESPN.

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