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Chance the Rapper has taken legal action against Pat Corcoran, his former manager. The lawsuit is that he took advantage of his position with the rapper. Pretty much he used Chances celebrity status to get his own business opportunities for his management company.


T.I. and Chance the Rapper on Wild N'Out

Source: Courtesy VH1 / Courtesy VH1

“Mr. Corcoran has been paid in full under his management services contract with Mr. Bennett. Yet he chose to file a groundless and insulting lawsuit that ignores his own improper self-dealing and incompetence. Mr. Bennett has moved to dismiss the majority of that meritless lawsuit, and filed his own lawsuit to remedy the harm that Mr. Corcoran caused through his breaches of duty. Mr. Bennett trusts the legal system to reveal the truth of the parties’ relationship in due course.”

So all in all Chances lawsuit is in response to a $2.5 million dollar lawsuit filed against him from Corcoran. He said that he and CHance “redefined the music industry”, but that things went left after Chance failed to take heed to his advice and released what he described as a “subpar” album in 2019.

Chance, is also saying that Corcoran is a “marginally competent business manager” but also a “bullying and abrasive self-promoter.”

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