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Joce Blake Unice Glueless Wigs

Source: Joce Blake / @joce_blake

Growing up, my mom was my hairstylist, so I never learned how to effectively care for my hair on my own. As I got older, I quickly realized it was a skill I needed to add to my arsenal. Now, as a proud 30-something, I have expanded the ways in which I rock my crown. Insert the answer to my prayers, UNice glueless wigs that double as a sleek protective style while giving me a fun and flirty look.

Joce Blake Unice Glueless Wigs

Source: Joce Blake / @joce_blake

After scouring Beyonce’s internet (and TikTok), I realized that glueless wigs offer versatility and are extremely low maintenance. I’m not your typical wig girlie. UNice pioneered the Wear Go wig technology to simplify wig-wearing, addressing common challenges like discomfort, complex installation, and glue usage. Drawing on extensive industry expertise and customer insights, the Unice glueless wigs boast pre-cut lace, a natural hairline, and a ventilated cap for easy glue-free installation. The unique 3D silicone and adjustable band ensure a secure fit, staying in place throughout the day. UNice’s commitment to quality and innovation is exemplified by an employee’s experience with a cancer-stricken mother struggling to find a comfortable wig. Customer feedback drives continuous improvement to meet evolving needs.

I loved the Wear ‘N Go wigs. They are so easy to apply. I literally flipped it on, popped some flexi rods in it, and got to beating my face for a night out with the girls. I had the time of my life twerking with Juvenile at Dumbo House, and my wig didn’t move! The curls were giving, so I think it’s safe to say U-Nice is absolutely about that life.

I would definitely recommend these wigs to anyone looking for a quality, affordable wig that is easy to wear and looks great.


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