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Kobe, Kobe, Kobe…..That’s all some people can say about Kobe’s recent off the court drama. This doesn’t have anything to do with women or infidelity. This is just plain craziness.

Recently Kobe was featured in the LA Times photo shoot, which many believe was a low key blackface meets fashion debacle. Kobe is now catching hell for these suspect pics but he probably never thought that they would make it to the workplace. While Kobe was shooting a free throw fans were showing him the special signs they made just for Kobe.

The reason behind the heckling is because Kobe is now denying that he was even in the pictures, saying that they were “doctored.”

On top of that an online contest has sprung up at (see above) to see who can come up with the most creative rendition of Kobe’s new photos.

The L.A. Times are speaking out to Kobe too for not owning up to taking the pics. Here is an excerpt a piece written by LA Times columnist James Rainey. He suggests to Kobe that these problems would have not risen if he’d own up to taking them in the first place.

Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. It must seem like the Week of Judgment that followed your “White Hot” fashion statement should be disappearing, at long last, over the horizon.

You’ve absorbed incredulity, mockery and multiple questions about the way you wrapped yourself all in white for a photo spread in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times Magazine. The enormous blow back and the multiple online parodies must be getting a little old.

But I’m here to tell you, No. 24, you could have turned the spotlight’s glare into a warm glow instead of a punishing laser if you had lived only by the one rule you never seem to forget on the basketball court: Own the moment.

You should have embraced every one of those magazine pictures – Oh White-Scrubbed Spa Victim, Oh Doe-Eyed Bedouin Chief, Oh Baby-Faced Capone in Headband & Fedora. That would have made you the master (or at least not the victim) of the moment. Instead, you fell back on a tiresome locker-room cliché.

Man Kobe you have to get a grip on this situation asap.