One take away from an hour-long Instagram Live with Mysonne as Akon stands strong on working with the hip hop rat. At this point, anybody is wasting their breath if you think you can persuade Akon to stop workink with the op aka Tekashi 6ix9ine. Mysonne was the latest to try to sit down with […]

Tekashi 6ix9ine was just let out of prison earlier this month and allowed to finish sentence confined to house arrest, due to the coronavirus. Upon his release, 6ix9ine has been more than ready to get back in the booth. He recently requested permission to shoot a music video in the backyard at his house and […]

At this point we all know about the Tekashi 6ix9ine trial. He is now known as the disgraced NY rapper and was sentenced to just two years in prison after pleading guilty to his racketeering case. Well now that he’s done telling on everybody, Tekashi is requesting to spend the remainder of his jail time […]

I know one thing for certain when it comes to the artist formerly know as 69 when this dude does get out he’s going to have to out of the country and we’ll never see any rainbow hair, because what he’s doing to the hood’s version of the mob will never ever be forgiven. Mr […]

Brush I could’ve sworn that the code was never to SNITCH on your homie, especially when you from the streets. Well according to TMZ 6ix9ine will be testifying against his associate Kinta McKenzie, known as Kooda B. word is Kooda B, Anthony Ellison, Demard Butler, were indicted after 6ix9ine spoke with investigators. He did identify […]

Even thought 69 believes he’s good in any hood there are some that would disagree and with this latest act of violence, I would hope he see’s that these dudes ain’t playin’ no more. Tekashi is famous for trolling just about any and everybody on social media and for the most part it’s all in […]


Looks like and I hate to say it but it really looks like sooner than later Tekashi will be behind bars, a judge told him to keep his nose clean while on probation and just a week later he’s out here livin his worst life…..I believe the only way he’ll learn that the rule also […]


69 Isn’t happy unless he’s in the middle of some BS……Would you be surprised if something happened to 69 with all of the trolling he does?