Everyone is looking for things to do while we’re on the “Stay at Home” order, well here are ten things you can do while your self distancing and keeping your family safe and sanitized. Here are ten things you can do at home with your family or by yourself Binge on your favorite TV show […]

The 614

With most of the country working form home and all of the kids out of school people are looking for series or movies to watch here is a list of 20 great movies and series that are definitely worth the watch. If you see a movie or series that didn’t make the list please let […]


Rap snacks have once again changed the game this time with noodles, by putting rappers E-40, Master P, and Lil Boosie on the cover of the new Icon Noodles. The can be found in any hood/corner store or at Wal-Mart. The question is will you be partaking in the new noodles? Personality I believe that […]


Once again NFL owners have shown that when it comes to running their teams they don’t believe a black man can get it done. 5 yes 5 teams fired their head coaches, The Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Washington Washington Football Team, and Cleveland Browns all decided to take their teams in a […]

The 614

Now I’m not really a drinker but if I do drink it’s maybe one and if I’m not driving then 2 drinks , that’s right i’m right at the minimum lol I’ve never really liked the taste of alcohol so mixed drinks or beer weren’t my cup of anything. But now trendy locations in the […]

Celebrity Gossip

Well what would expect from the man that sold a shirt with a bunch of holes in it for about $200 Bucks not to mention he doesn’t like a lot of colors in his clothes. But after wearing a pair of new Ye’s to the Coachella “Sunday Service” social media went crazy , half asking […]

News & Gossip

There is a movement that is going on in the entertainment industry, this movement is calling out all of the creeps,jerks, etc…. that have used their position or power in a negative way. Most of these creeps have been using women’s wanting of fame to get them in the bed or whatever. In this movement […]