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Once again NFL owners have shown that when it comes to running their teams they don’t believe a black man can get it done. 5 yes 5 teams fired their head coaches, The Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Washington Washington Football Team, and Cleveland Browns all decided to take their teams in a different direction. And all of the teams that have made the change all but one have hired new head coaches and none of them were black, only two black candidates were considered for any of the vacancies. Marvin Lewis the former coach of the Cincinnati Bengals was interviewed by the Dallas Cowboys and Eric Bieniemy the offensive coordinator for the Kanas City Chiefs was interviewed by The Cleveland Browns many believed that the only reason interviewed to satisfy the Rooney Rule which states that a person of color has to be interviewed for any open position. What’s even a bigger smack in the face is the fact that 2 of the coaches that were hired, one has never coached in the NFL and the other has never been a head coach at any level and hasn’t even been a coordinator. All but one of the head coaches positions have been filled and not one has filled those head coaches positions with black coaches. And now only 2 teams out of 31 have black head coaches.

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