Influencers Allege That The Famous Curly Hair Brand Is Damaging Their Hair The wonderful world of women’s hair is one that is extremely dynamic. All of us have different types and textures of hair, which is why there are an endless amount of products found world-wide just for it. From straight to curly, thick to […]

The Pic of comedian Kathy Griffin holding the President’s bloody head went viral yesterday.  All of a sudden she issued a :quick ” apology.  Maybe somebody up top got to her!!  If you missed the Picture yesterday click HERE Catch The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

So as you already know, Donald Sterling’s Girlfriend V. Stiviano has adopted two African American boys. Is she ready to raise a family? Or was this done for damage control for her boo Donald.  Call in 821-1075 or comment below.

So today I ran over two Potholes and now it sounds like something is wrong with one of my wheels. I just want to put you up on game. You can call call 311 or 645-3111, or online to notify the … Columbus’ pothole repair crews to start the process to get them repaired. […]

Personally, this hit a sore spot for me, because I love chicken!  However,  Kentucky Fried Chicken has been ordered to pay $8.3 million to an Australian girl who suffered severe brain damage and was paralysed after eating a Twister wrap. Monika Samaan was seven when she suffered salmonella encephalopathy — a brain injury linked to […]