Now back in the day before my kids and when I had no sense , this was the norm lol especially in college. But back then restaurants were set up different your chances of getting out of a bill by dashing was about 70 % now it’s about 35% and the penalty is a lot […]

The 614

(Courtesy of OSU Track & Field Roster)   Ohio State University is known to have its fair share of great athletes. That tradition continues as one of the OSU Track & Field athletes makes some major noise! Ohio State Sprinter, Nick Gray, broke two school records over the weekend during a track meet held at […]


Usain Bolt just proved that he will always be the one of the fastest men of all time, while attending the Super Bowl pre-game activities Bolt decided to take part in the 40 yard dash and history happened  

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty   #bigbinkshow Why am I thinking that Kanye’s daughter North West is like 9 months old.  Times flies when you got kids right?  North West gotta be like 4 or 5 now and she was caught on video being a regular kid with no idea that she prolly got 35 […]

I ain’t gon front, I used to have to biggest crush on this Chick!!!  But lately she big saying some dumb sh%%!!  Check out this video where the host basically shut her ass down.  (she still look good tho…)  

  When you think of Dame Dash, you think of Jay-Z. The two used to be inseparable as they took over the rap game with the label The Roc. Well, now that the two are no longer friends, Dame Dash hates it when asked about him.. Check out his response when asked about his former […]

Twitter can definitely be mean, but President Obama took his Celebrity Mean Tweets like a champ on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

Dame Dash clears some air when asked about Jay-Z basically calling him a snitch.

Is Justin Bieber Racist just because an old video of him stating racial slurs leaked?  Isn’t he friends with with the Champ Floyd “Money” Mayweather?  Well check it out for yourself and weigh in.

Dash Cam Footage: Chief Keef Getting Arrested For Driving 110 In A 55 MPH Zone!