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Is Justin Bieber Racist just because an old video of him stating racial slurs leaked?  Isn’t he friends with with the Champ Floyd “Money” Mayweather?  Well check it out for yourself and weigh in.

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Justin Bieber was the victim of a million dollar shakedown by a guy who had the video of the singer telling a racist joke … sources connected with JB tell TMZ.

Our sources say … approximately 2 months ago Bieber’s reps were contacted by a lawyer representing a guy who worked on one of Bieber’s video projects.  We’re told the guy was in possession of Bieber’s personal hard drive, saw the video and swiped it.

We’re told the lawyer told Bieber’s reps his client would sell the video to the media unless Bieber anted up $1 million.  Bieber’s reps scoffed, and the lawyer immediately dropped the price to $800K.

Sources say the lawyer kept calling back and finally — a week ago — said $500K would keep the tape secret.  The lawyer was told he “wasn’t even in the ballpark” and was sent packing.  The video was released a week later.

We’re told Bieber’s people wouldn’t make the deal because they didn’t think the tape was that harmful … especially because Bieber was 15 years old when he told the racist joke


Someone else who was caught on screen with a mess up is “Clueless” actress (NO PUN INTENDED) Stacey Dash on her new FOX News gig.  Looks like she had trouble reading the teleprompter.  Watch the video for yourself:

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaaaaack! Well maybe not for long. Is Chris Brown headed back to Jail?


via TMZ

Via TMZ reports:

Chris Brown could be on trial in his D.C. assault case sooner than he thought … because TMZ has learned the prosecutor is using his probation violation to angle for an early trial date.

As TMZ first reported … despite his admission of violating his Rihanna probation, Brown maintains he didn’t specifically admit guilt in the D.C. assault case.

But TMZ has obtained documents filed today by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia … asking a judge to now make June 25 the start date for the trial … instead of just a status conference.

The prosecutor disagrees with Brown’s assertion … and says his admission DOES count as an admission of guilt in this case, and therefore the trial should begin without any further delay.

If the judge agrees, Brown will be back in a D.C. court before the end of the month.

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