Being able to afford college tuition is a struggle for many Americans, every single day. It is a constant topic among politicians because at this point, it seems the goal is to squeeze every dime out of families and students nationwide. Well, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully, […]

Rapper Desiigner might have been a little too hype during a recent performance causing him to take a little tumble. The show Desiigner headlined went down in Las Vegas at Jewel Nightclub. Now we all know Desiigner is known for his high energy and crazy ad-lib style. So it should be expected for him to […]

The 614

Some are wondering how this keeps happening this is the 4th in 2yrs and the 3rd to die, police have begun to investigate but there is no report yet on what happened. According to Columbus Fox News 28….Two students fell from a university garage in April, with one dying, and another student died in 2017 […]

#bigbinkshow – People wondered what happened to Miguel, its been a minute since he was all over the charts.  Well,  he has been found signing in museums throughout the country.

#bigbinkshow – This is weird and cool at the same time, it is being reported that Maryland and Washington D.C. are attempting to sue the President!!!  Here are the latest details here – via NBC: Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh and his D.C. counterpart, Karl Racine, didn’t disclose the focus of the litigation, which they […]

#bigbinkshow – Lets hope this Lil Bro has learned his lesson and will do his part to uplift his community.  Here is footage of him leaving Jail and going home.  Hopefully we will see him in Columbus soon!

#bigbinkshow – MGK rocking crowds of Thousands!  Reppin for the Buckeye state!!!

#bigbinkshow – According to reports, Karreuche wants to hop on the phone and tell the judge why she needs a restraining order against Breezy (Chris brown).  Apparently the judge said that he was not having it.  In order to make the proper ruling, she would have to show up in court.  Actually Chris brown never […]

#bigbinkshow – Remember This?  Can you name it? (if you at work don’t cut it up loud.)  

#bigbinkshow – Kodak Blak is reported to be back in jail as missing a lot of paper.  Some of the shows are 50k a pop!!!  More importantly maybe to him, he won’t be able to reap the benefits of his performance rider.  Take a look at what he asks for when he is performing in […]

#bigbinkshow – This ain’t got nothing to do with no tree or getting out of the way of the sun.  The Hood has spoken!   Throwing “Shade” has now become a part of the Dictionary.  So now you can direct people if they don’t know why people are throwing shade on them!   Shade – acting […]

      #bigbinkshow – German Village residents are on high alert!!!!.  There have been several attacks in the German Village area.  Five females have been attacked in the last 2 weeks to be exact.  The latest attack happened near Nationwide Children’s hospital and the suspect had a gun.  For more information about these horrible […]