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  COVID-19 has cancelled and postponed an endless number of special events over the last several weeks. From concerts and weddings to prom and graduation, we all are suffering during this time of quarantine. Many high school seniors are extremely frustrated to have their final year of high school abruptly interrupted. Many students are finishing […]


  Senior year is special for every high school student. Whether looking forward to prom, graduation or simply not having to come back again, senior year is a huge milestone for us all. Unfortunately for the Class of 2020, the viral pandemic that has swept the world has thrown a major wrench in the program. […]

The 614

United States Senator, Sherrod Brown of Cleveland, will deliver the commencement address at Ohio State University Sunday, December 15 to an estimated 3,600 graduates at the Jerome Schottenstein Center. Brown, who received his master’s degrees in both education and public administration from Ohio State, started his political career in 1975 at age 22, he was […]


Congratulations to the 11,907 students who walked the the stage today at the Ohio Stadium making it the largest graduating class in school history. According to Ohio State, the school is among the very few universities that regularly and traditionally awards diplomas at one ceremony each term of the academic year at which all colleges […]

Big Bink's Blog

#bigbinkshow – Our 45th President’s pick for Education Secretary, Betsy Devoe spoke at the Bethune Cookman Graduation recently and didn’t get a big welcome from the crowd.  As a matter of fact she was booed during her whole speech.  You won’t believe what happened next.  

Rickey Smiley and some dear old high school friends went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, when the subject of his difficulties with math in high school came up. He recalls a hilarious of story of why he had to take a lower level math class and graduate separately from his friends. Sign Up […]


A Louisiana community celebrates the valedictorian banned from graduation ceremony over his refusal to shave his facial hair. The case raised questions about school districts selectively enforcing its policies.


A Louisiana high school prevented its valedictorian from graduating because he refused to shave off his facial hair. The school district said it has a longstanding ban on male facial hair. But it was not enforced during the school year.


Not only did Nitra complete undergrad, she's now about to graduate from law school. Myles is completing his Master's degree in special education, while their son MJ is preparing to graduate from kindergarten.


Turns out, Obama was actually given the opportunity to speak at the 17-year-old's ceremony, but he turned it down because he'll be too busy crying.