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#bigbinkshow – Nobody knows who this dude is but its obvious that Rihanna knows!  This dude looks like he is about to knock it out the park!!!  Any idea of who it could be?

DJ Dimepiece

Who runs the world, GIRLS! It’s March and did you know that March is Women’s Month?  Well DJ Dimepiece has started a NEW feature showcasing Power Girls RIGHT HERE in Columbus! Every week, you will be inspired from women that use their inner “Power” daily to conquer the world! Meet the first P.O.W., Patty Hanna […]

The 614

The effort, the love, the timing, the sacrifice. These are just some of the things that a single parent has to master and give.  It’s not for the faint of heart but the strong shall raise strong children and our future will be better because of it. VIA ELEV8 Not that many people actually have […]

The 614, Videos

Check out the new video from <strong>Rihanna</strong> ft. <strong> Young Jeezy</strong> Hard<!--more-->