At this point in his career, Tyga is one of those artists that doesn’t necessarily have to work. But a true creative, passionate about his art never sleeps. After releasing a number of projects independently through his Last Kings imprint, Tyga has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Columbia Records. According to Variety, the “Taste” […]

#bigbinkshow – Chance The Rapper is having Major success these days!  His single No Problems got him a Grammy as well as accolades throughout the music industry and shed light on the power of streaming!  Even though he’s a father at 22 and can get basically anything that he wants, he is thinking about moving […]

#bigbinkshow The guy who was a HUGE underground following and made to Radio “Russ” is killing the internet right now.  All of his video’s are well over 5 million views and He will definitely be one to watch in 17.   His breakout hit on Power is “What They Want.” Now He has a new […]

#bigbinkshow Chance has taken the success of his number one record to influence his fans to vote.  He lead a march of Thousands to the polls which could make a difference in the elections!  

#bigbinkshow Rising star Chance The Rapper has decided to put on a free concert to encourage the Youth to get out and rock their Vote for these elections.  The Concert will be November 7th in Chicago. In a quote, Chance spoke about the importance of Voting. ” “This election is very important, a chance for […]

#bigbinkshow, before you know it, The Grammy’s will be the talk of the Nation.  one of the most celebrated artists (Frank Ocean) who is blazing his own trail and put out 2 albums this year,  may not be able to even be nominated.      

He dropped some of the hottest joints back in the day! Now the same man that  brought you”Give Me That” and “Independent” is letting you…

FINALLY!  New official music from Bilal!