Burglars broke into an Ohio family’s car Sunday and stole Bibles, Sunday school lessons and holy communion supplies! Noel and Pam Cash said they went out to eat after church and returned to find the back window of their car shattered and shopping bags missing. But, the burglars completely missed Pam’s purse, under a seat, […]

Here is an interesting article about the notion that Jesus may not have died on the cross. Do you believe it? VIA THE EXAMINER A Christian scholar, and devout believer in Jesus Christ, says that Jesus might not have died on the cross, the enduring symbol of Christianity. Refuting long-held beliefs, theologian Gunnar Samuelsson of […]

I absolutely hate going to the dentist because I don’t like the drugs you get when you are there.  I also don’t like the affect the drugs have on you and somehow you make  look like a fool.  Check this girl who just got done at the dentist and performs a made up Jay-Z  Jesus […]

9 Milita members from Ohio, Michigan and Indiana tied to a Christian milita group called Hutaree have been charged with conspiring to kill police officers. It’s said that the “Armageddon” driven members had planned to kill a police officer and attack again at the officers funeral using homemade bombs to kill other law enforcement officers […]

Guess <strong>Who</strong> Was Kicked out of the Courtroom?!!.......<strong>Say What??!!</strong>