Last week, the Columbus Division of Police launched a new website with the hopes of receiving tips that will help conclude unsolved murders in central Ohio. Robert Strausbaugh is the Major Crimes Bureau Commander and is responsible for handling all Columbus homicide investigations. The new website was his idea after he realized that CPD had […]


There will now be more rules, or an extension rather, added to Governor Mike DeWine’s Stay-At-Home order. Things have been getting steadily worse as far as the number of coronavirus cases in the state of Ohio. Because of this, stricter regulations will be added to essential businesses, still open through this viral pandemic. People have […]

Kim Kardashian West faced some major backlash over the summer after the announcement of her shapewear called Kimono. Now, Kim is no stranger to dealing with opposition. She was accused, yet again, of cultural appropriation for the choice of name for the brand, “Kimono.” Even the mayor of Kyoto, Japan politely asked her not to […]


69 Isn’t happy unless he’s in the middle of some BS……Would you be surprised if something happened to 69 with all of the trolling he does? 

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#bigbinkshow – everybody wants to know hat the real deal is with La La and Melo.  Will they divorce?  Will Melo still play for the Knicks?  Will La La stay on Power?  Well here is la La answering one of these questions.

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#bigbinkshow – from Columbus to the World!  Zeke went from running all over the shoe to running throughout the streets of Dallas Fort Worth with the Cowboys.  Now he takes it off for ESPN!!! – O – H!!!

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#bigbinkshow – Shouts out to former 49er Colin Kaeppernick for taking a stand in what he believes.  Many people did not agree with him and attack him via Social Media, at ball games and even in person.  Since being released from the 49ers, no team has yet to pick him up.  He still has at […]

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#bigbinkshow – Singer Ed Sheeran has been without his cell phone for about a year. he made a new years resolution to get id of it and says he only works off email.  He also noted that he had more time to do the things he wanted to do and not be bogged down with […]

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#bigbinkshow  – Today Marks 103 years of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.  The Fraternity was built on Brotherhood, Scholarship and Service.  There are hundreds and thousands of members worldwide and This Fraternity has touched the lives and shaped families across the globe!  Happy Founders day!   Notable members – Check out the list HERE    […]

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  #bigbinkshow                    Metro is doing it BIG!!!!  They not only Holding down Celluar Swag, hey got a step team!!!  

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Today in Black History Month, the talented and happy Pharrell continues to make history with his music, acting, clothing design, label exec and more! Definitely someone to look up to!