While Popeye’s , Chick Fil A and Wendy’s are worried who has the spicy chicken sandwich , KFC has once again showed why they’ve been at the top of this chicken game for so long. And now while the chicken world is focused on the spicy KFC is focused on the healthy, with the creation […]

Lately everybody and their momma has put out a top 50,25,10 and 5 rappers list and just as you would expect nobody has got the list right. One of the reasons is because when it comes to these list most people are ranking the rappers on who THEY believe should be in that spot and […]


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Arby’s Thank you for staying TRUE to the BEEF!! While every other restaurant chain in the world is going to start offering a plant based item to there but not Arby’s they are standing by their slogan “We Have The Meats”!!! Arby’s felt to put out the statement that […]

#bigbinkshow  – It’s real simple to end all racial inequality, suffering, homelessness, unemployment, etc. in this country.  Kendrick Lamar put it in a 30 seconds in this video.

  #bigbinkshow A couple of years ago there were reports that Brandy could not fill up a venue and she had fell off with her singing.  This video has been all over the internet of Brandy goin in on stage and reminding people why we fell in love with her in the first place!  She […]

Brandy is loving the single life! So much, that she doesn’t want to get married. NEVER! Watch to find out why.

What better fit to have Usher perform a dance routine to the release of the late great Michael Jackson’s new single “Love Never Felt So Good”?  I must say, Usher represented the King of Pop to the fullest!  Watch the video here: