What in the heck is going on with the President of Liberty University Jerry Falwell Jr? While most of the country is self quarantining and practicing self-distancing and the rest of the country is being asked to stay inside. Why would one man put so many in danger? All of the schools across the WORLD […]


Lately, the coronavirus has shut down everything and with more cases on the rise it doesn’t look like the trend of canceling events is going to stop any time soon. Recently one of the biggest events in the country that has been coming to Columbus for the past 3 decades was canceled “The Arnold Sports […]

Never thought that at this point in his career Drake would get booed off the stage now early in his career I thought that something like this would happen just because so many people and other rappers thought that he was faking and not authentic enough for the game. But after a gang of #1 […]


McDonald’s happy meals are legendary they’re a staple in life PERIODT! If your alive and you’ve never had a happy meal then your parents probably hate you…lol every other fast food restaurant calls their kids meal a kids meal leaving McDonald’s with the only happy meal on earth. But Burger King has done something incredible […]

Well what would expect from the man that sold a shirt with a bunch of holes in it for about $200 Bucks not to mention he doesn’t like a lot of colors in his clothes. But after wearing a pair of new Ye’s to the Coachella “Sunday Service” social media went crazy , half asking […]


Now this doesn’t mean that you can get high on the job but if this bill is passed in New York, I’m sure the rest of the country will follow suit. Now if this bill is passed it wouldn’t go in to effect until one year after it’s approval and there would be exceptions to […]


With everything going on in today’s culture this new sex toy should change the game, get ready sexy people for the “Consent Pack” these condoms can only be opened with four hands pressing simultaneously on all four sets of buttons on the top and sides of the box. Full Story Here    .

After being caught more than once with his hands in the nookie jar and after being dissed and dismissed by his furious wife Cardi B, Offset has finally after months worked some call weaseled lol his way back into Cardi’s heart. Cardi told the media after Christmas she was really starting to miss her husband […]

The 614

People keep trying Trippie’s gangster and finding out that the 614 don’t play!!! Last year in the spring Trippie and Lil Wop got swooped up by 12 for putting hands on FDM Grady, FDM said the whole fight started when Trippie and Wop started talking $hit about his girlfriend. TMZ has learned that Trippie entered a […]

I thought they were just great friends that never grew up and just liked sleeping in the same room……….And like many of you I loved and watched Sesame Street everyday and Bert $ Ernie being gay never crossed my mind as a child. But of course as always someone out there always wants to just […]

Drake and Meek might’ve made peace but it doesn’t look like the ladies of rap will be following suit anytime soon, because Cardi B is saying “I wouldn’t change a damn thing” about her decision to verbally attack Nicki Minaj and oh yeah she threw her shoe as Nicki as well. According to TMZ ..Sources […]