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Never thought that at this point in his career Drake would get booed off the stage now early in his career I thought that something like this would happen just because so many people and other rappers thought that he was faking and not authentic enough for the game. But after a gang of #1 Hits, albums, and awards Drake is looked at by the generation like Jay-Z was looked at during the height of his career. But it did happen at Tyler’s the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Festival in L.A. Tyler had a mystery headliner and many thought that the headliner would be Frank Ocean who used to be teamed up with Tyler’s Odd Future’s crew and hasn’t hit the stage since 2017 and everyone was excited and anticipating that Frank would be the headliner…..And then Drake walks out to a less than enthusiastic crowd and Drake felt the energy and asked the crowd if they wanted him to stay and over half of the crowd said NO! And Drake walked off…Full Story Here 

INSTADAILY: All The Times We Wanted Drake’s Beard To Get Us Pregnant
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