Tory Lanez is on the chopping block.   Honey, the Hot Girls are not here for any of Tory Lanez’s shenanigans! Since the incident occurred, in which our good sis Megan Thee Stallion was shot after a night out with Tory and friends, fans of the budding artist are fed up. Social media has been […]


The NBA logo was made in 1971 in the likeness of Laker Hall of Famer Jerry West and throughout the years some NBA fans and former players have hinted at wanting to change the logo to another NBA Superstar. Some have said Jordan or Wilt and lately Lebron but no one really took any action […]

Following the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant Sunday morning, fans of the Black Mamba are calling for the NBA to change its historic logo from Jerry West to a silhouette of Kobe. Fans created a petition that has been gaining steam at a rapid pace. As of Monday night, the petition on had 1,079,985 […]

One of the best series of all time was Game of Thrones watched and loved by millions worldwide, so much that fans are angry the was the series ended. After 7 seasons Game of Thrones announced that it would take a whole year off to make the final season and fans where ecstatic because we […]

Even though it’s #RipNip I really think that if they’re going to rename Crenshaw and Slauson a intersection that was the beginning of the the L.A. Riots and has so much history. I would think that NWA, Eazy, or Snoop’s name should go up before Nip’s, but I do think he should be remembered in […]

The 614

In this new day and age of we don’t know what offends anyone it seems that lack of knowledge has led to another petition to be created to change the Mascot of Capital University. Without any knowledge on the situation I looked up to see what Capital’s mascot was ( I didn’t know) his name […]

A petition circulated the web demanding that this year's headliner, Lady Gaga, be replaced with Migos.

In order to make things right again, fans of the Man of the Moon rapper have a major proposition for Drizzy.

Cred: [XXLMag] Now that Dr. Dre’s Compton has hit the streets, attention has turned toward Kanye West’s Swish album. As recently as this week, frequent Kanye collaborator…

The Confederate flag has long been known as a symbol of hatred and racism in the United States. Defenders of the historically prejudice mindset that…

Now you know you can’t mess with Beyonce! Because when you mess with Beyonce, you mess with the BeeHive!  They not only started a petition, but someone hacked Beck’s Official Wikipedia!

Jay Z has issued a statement in response to criticism and a petition calling for the rapper to “end all partnerships” with Barneys New York. The petition was created following public outrage after the news surrounding recent allegations of racial profiling at the store. Fans have been speaking out, urging the rapper to pull his upcoming holiday collection […]