A “Stay at Home” order has been issued by the president and governors around the country and most of the country has followed suit practicing social distancing but for those out there that have gotten the picture we give you Samuel L. Jackson. Who went on the Jimmy Kimmey show and talked about what he […]

Now if you didn’t know I’m a movie addict, I love watching the new movies that come out even if they’re horrible, well most of them lol but seriously when it comes to watching movies or checking out new series I’m your guy. And this weekend or this week here are two series that you […]

It has been more than a week since we lost one of the greatest “Kobe Bryant” and it still doesn’t seem real, and sports teams are still showing respect when it comes to honoring his memory. And those players in the NBA that had a personal relationship with Kobe are now starting to share personal […]

The 614

This weekend will be one the greatest of the year! This weekend will feature the NFL playoffs, a full slate of NBA games, a crazy college basketball schedule and the National Championship And here are my picks for the weekend NFL Playoffs GAME 1 Minnesota Vikings 21 San Francisco 49ers 28 GAME 2 Tennessee Titans […]

Lil Nas X has been one of the biggest names in music over the past few months and his hit “Ole Town Road” as stayed at the top of the billboard charts for the past 10 weeks. And now he’s promoting his album and one of the songs that he’s asking everyone to listen to […]


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Arby’s Thank you for staying TRUE to the BEEF!! While every other restaurant chain in the world is going to start offering a plant based item to there but not Arby’s they are standing by their slogan “We Have The Meats”!!! Arby’s felt to put out the statement that […]


Please believe me someone might’ve lost their lives over the weekend in Kentucky after the winner of the Derby ( Maximum Security) was Disqualified for interference, which made the horse that came in second place Country House the winner. Now if you know anything about horse racing is that betting is a way of life […]

This prison reform thing needs to kick in ASAP because when things like this happen, I personally feel that it’s to keep some people in the legal system. Over the weekend in L.A. DMX and his crew were accused of stealing a corvette after a valet gave him and his crew the wrong keys. The […]


Looks like and I hate to say it but it really looks like sooner than later Tekashi will be behind bars, a judge told him to keep his nose clean while on probation and just a week later he’s out here livin his worst life…..I believe the only way he’ll learn that the rule also […]