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Now if you didn’t know I’m a movie addict, I love watching the new movies that come out even if they’re horrible, well most of them lol but seriously when it comes to watching movies or checking out new series I’m your guy. And this weekend or this week here are two series that you have to check out the 1st is a series called “The Hunters” starring Al Pacino this series takes place in the 1960s and deals with Nazi’s that snuck into America and were sleeper cells just waiting on their cue to kill. Lucky for us Al Pacino has put together a crew of killers that don’t take any sh*t. The 2nd is a movie starring Mark Wahlberg who plays an ex-felon who is also an ex-cop, I know crazy right but it takes place in Boston and it deals with Boston’s underworld and to be honest, I can’t tell you anymore because if I do I’ll be giving to much away. So make sure you check them out trust me you won’t be disappointed